Autumn/Winter is officially here and it is that time of the week again already!

Yes yes yes, back at it again talking all things streetwear and this week I shall be running through five essentials for this AW’17 (Autumn/Winter 2017) season. Now as Game of Thrones has forewarned us all,  ‘winter is coming’ and I don’t know about you folks but this week has most certainly had me feeling a bit ‘north of the wall’ (GoT pun). With the first few runny-noses, packs of Kleenex and hot whiskeys making appearances this week let’s have a look at what wardrobe additions we can make to have us feeling and looking toasty this winter.

(Disclaimer; I thoroughly enjoy painfully easy puns so prepare for a few temperature/weather based ones)


1) Accessories – Beanie, gloves, etc. 

Despite every classic Irish Mammy incessantly reminding us to wrap up when heading out to loiter in the local park on a Friday night we still manage to leave the house unprepared on more occasions than not. Simple fix? Keep a beanie, gloves and scarf in your bag or car so they’re never far. But there’s so much choice, what should go for? Chill, I got you. Invest! Don’t but these items as season on season disposables. Pay that little bit extra for something with a credible lining and decent fabrics that will age well and stay with you year after year. Every handier again, grab yourself a pair of Carhart WIP: tactile touchscreen gloves to stay on business even when on the road. With regard to beanies the selection is endless but try building up a few strong base colours so you have every outfit covered. Although, going with a completely off the wall colour pop to finish off a’fit also works like a treat. I mean check out your girl Riri.

Shop favourites: Carhartt, DC, Element, Vans, Roxy…as I said selection is vast

Pictured Above; Carhartt touch-screen gloves available at a Primetime near you

Pictured Above; Riri with that lime coloured Carhartt Watch hat

2) Footwear – Boots or Hi-tops? 

A staple of winter streetwear for decades the stereotypically labelled ‘Timberland boot’ is nothing short of a must have for both guys and gals alike IMO. With  it’s origins coming from a combination of snow and workwear this style of boot is a real all-terrain option that can can as dressy or as casual as the outfit it is paired with. Just can’t bring yourself to spend the day trudging round in boots that have the equivalent weight of ankle weights? Then opt for the more lightweight option of some Hi-top sneakers. I often get the feedback that “Hi-tops just aren’t really my style boi” and that’s fair enough. But when was the last time you actually tried out a pair? And what pants did you wear when trying them? If you think wearing them with your drain-pipe skinnies gives the undesirable ‘clown shoe’ or ‘boat foot’ look then style them up with a baggier denim to alleviate such problems.

Shop favourites; DC are the dudes for this. Men check for ‘DC Uncas’ or ‘DC Spartan High’. Ladies check for ‘DC Amnesti or ‘DC Spartan High’ also.

Pictured Above; DC ladies Amnesti bootPictured Above; DC Mens Uncas boot

Pictured Above; DC Mens Spartan High WC TX


3) Mixed fabrics – Velour, suede, wool, etc

One thing glaringly apparent this season is the across the board revival of alternative fabrics such as velour and suede (despite often being faux) rather than the everyday staples of cotton and poly’something’s. This uptake in using previously dormant fabrics is a welcome change of pace and can be found most commonly amongst some of the athlesiure brands such as Fila, Ellesse and Siksilk. Timing is of the essence for this mini-revival of alternative textiles as not only are they providing some of the hottest seasonal looks but are also extremely cosy, providing a heart-warming textile experience. Think ‘rubbing the furry wall’ as Russel Brand recommends in Get Him To The Greek but the furry wall is your new Fila sweatshirt.

Shop favourites: Men’s & women’s Fila Black line for some velour. Siksilk for spicy suede and cloth variations. 

Pictured Above; Our girl Leona rocking some velour from FilaPictured Above; Siksilk killing with the flannel and cloth curved hem tee

4)Wooly jumpers and knits – Just like nan used to make them

If your reading this then I’ll bet my bottom dollar that your also part of the demographic that once a year has to try acquire that much coveted xmas jumper for the annual shit-show that is the 12 pubs of Christmas with your respective man/gyal’dem. This year opt for a different tactic. Find a good quality knit that will age like a fine red wine rather than buying something that is likely to be stuffed into a bin at the bottom of Barracks Street after pub no.11. Depending on budget try push for something with a decent % of lampswool (soz to lasts weeks vegan fam’)  to ensure those much sought after ‘I knitted this for ya lovie’ feels. An advantage of purchasing a non-disposable festive jumper is that it can also be smartly styled up with a collared-shirt beneath for the cold, miserable, hungover Monday in work that follows the infamous 12 pubs. Whether it’s for Netflix and chill winter edition or for freezing mornings when the office A/C unit is broken, a big knit is a certified must this season.

Shop favourites; Roxy and Skunkfunk deliver a broad range for ladies every year. Element Kayden sweat and Carhartt rib sweater seem to be real stand-outs this AW’17. 

Pictured Above; Prime example of how fresh a shirt under jumper can be by Stephen James

Pictured Above; That Carhartt Rib sweater looking like a warm hug

5) Jackets – Practical, parka or puffy

Last but not least the ‘pièce de rèsistance’ of winter wear. If you were granted one item and one item only this winter, choose wisely and invest in a jacket that your unborn grandkids can looks forward to. I’m certain all you sceptics out there will sense a subliminal sales pitch if I start campaigning for the worth of a good quality winter coat so instead I will simply serve up some anecdotal evidence that correlates with what I’m saying. Ever notice how many ‘vintage’ jackets are floating around from brands such as Levi, Schott, Wrangler and Carhartt to name a few? This isn’t due to some coincidence of all their owners boxing them up and putting them in storage for a few decades. This is down to quality withstanding the test of time. Were these same jackets viewed as the ‘premium’ or ‘pricier’ option when first bought? Probably. Have they proved their worth through longevity? Well I don’t remember seeing many classic jackets from high-street retailers floating around any re-sale sights. Could well be a simple coincidence but I’m sticking to my guns on this one. What style of jacket(s) you decide to go for will simply come down to the brief it needs to meet I.E getting pissed on waiting for the bus everyday might call for a waterproof pullover. However sticking to classic style of parka will ensure your purchase never strays too far from being on trend and useful.

Shop favourites; Roxy look after you ladies well with their range of snow/ski jackets. Guys will be largely dependent on price point but generally DC < Element < Carhartt is where you’ll have some quality offerings.

Pictured Above; Fila ladies long,pink,puffer jacket is undoubtedly a highlight of the seasonPicture Above; The unmistakable Carhartt WIP Anchorage Parka in Blast red

Well PT family thats about all we have time for on this weeks edition of me rambling about fashion as Alchemy coffee closes in 5 minutes and they are probably sick of me using their Wifi.
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