Yo yo yo, it’s Fin back again for ‘anutha one’- DJ Khaled


So today’s topic shall be covering our latest and greatest video production which showcases some of the freshest looks within our AW’17 (Autumn/Winter 2017) collection from top brands such as; Carhartt, Ellesse and 11 Degrees. Now I know what your thinking –  “But Fin, PT has sooooo many sweet brands, why include so few in such a sassy video?”. Great question and fear not, there is a method behind the madness. This method also happens to be one of my favourite things about PT as a shop/brand and that is the diverse nature of those who keep us in business. Yes, that’s YOU! Our beloved and loyal customers! On a weekly basis you would struggle to believe the wonderfully eclectic mix of folk who wander though our little door on 8/9 Washington Street. From 85 year old Margret Murphy who leaves with a Quiksilver bucket hat because it started raining while she was out getting milk or the youth them booting out of Prez’ and Christians on a half-day to check the latest drop from 11 Degrees. It’s this diversity that stands us apart from so many others and provides the long-winded preface as to why our advertising and this video in particular looks the way it does.

Pictured above; Brian looking tough as hell in mix of Ellesse and Carhartt;

So what did we hope to achieve with this little production? Simple, take your high-end, airbrushed ‘Boohoo’ or ‘Misguided’ TV commercial, give it a rollie, stand it outside the college of comm’ and add some that authentic PT attitude. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of venturing into our humble little store you’ll know that we pride ourselves on being real people who sell real clothes. With this mantra in mind, we wanted to put our own spin on the aspirational and frankly fake fashion ads we are so frequently bombarded with every time we flick on the tele.
Pictured above; Lovely ladies Marlee and Ellie working that pout


So who was behind this nifty piece of work then? Well first and foremost we’ve got to give credit where credit is due and put our hands together for the legends @NoSleep – Sam and Dan. Having worked with the boys on previous projects I genuinely cannot say enough good things about them both as operators and as overall humans. It’s very comforting when out-sourcing work to know that those employed can be trusted to execute and produce in the exact style that is desired and required. Above all the compliments in the world I could award NoSleep the one thing for me personally that stands them apart is that quite simply, they get it. They get the vibe of Primetime and the values which are encompased within the brand. It is this, above all else, that makes them a pleasure to work with.

Pictured above; Mysterious Marlee killing that Ellesse fit

Next up, our dear friend Mr.Dapper Sapeur, who is responsible for the majority of the model selection, still-shot photography and creative input among a host of other of things. Dapper’s experience with all things fashion is second to none hence why he has become such an integral pyart of our media and content creation here at Primetime. Despite starting out with suits and menswear he has adapted to the world of streetwear like a duck to water and his input on the project was invaluable as always.


Pictured above; Miss Katie giving a cheeky smile outside the College of Com’

Last but certainly not least is our outstanding bunch of models: Ellie, Brandon, Lee, Ryan, Brian, Katie and Marlee. Bravo to all these beautiful people for being willing to work at the drop of a hat and for doing our fine threads justice. I often get asked how one goes about becoming a PT model and in all honesty there really is no secret formula. Our models have always been an adequate reflection of our customer base, diverse and open-minded. Some are legitimate aspiring models to-be, some are customers and some are simply friends of the store or our own delightful staff (if I do say so myself). I firmly believe  that when something is oraganic is it’s nature then it provides a certain level of authenticity that cannot be found in our earlier touched upon ‘boujee’ MTV fashion commercials. And there you have it, the PT modelling formula and application process wrapped up in one – be nice, be cool and support us so we can support you.

Pictured above; Oh look it’s me in my Carhartt dungarees pretending I know what I’m talking about

Pictured above; Our much loved fly-boy Brandon flexin’ in some 11 Degrees

So as I sit here becoming increasingly conscious that I’m beginning to ramble I’ll close off by thanking all those involved for being part of something I’m proud to stand behind and a further thank you to all those who give a view, a like or share to anything we produce and post. After all, we’re a wee store that was founded from a milk crate and some youthful ambition trying to make some waves out there in the big bad world by putting our store and our city on the map. Thank you for reading.

Peace and love,