Back at it again with another blog yo’ and today’s topic will be our recent Ellesse Heritage Spring Summer ’17 photo and video shoot. This project came about as part of a collaborative venture between ourselves, Cork based modelling agency; Runaway models and Cork based media agency; Isla media. Our goals were simple: put out high quality content that could hold its own anywhere in the world, put Cork City and it’s creative talent on the map and showcase the launch of ELLESSE HERITAGE as a unisex brand in our store with the introduction of the women’s line this season.

With regards the quality of the content, we really feel the video speaks for itself. Isla (Dave and Anthony) deserve major credit for the standard of both the capturing and the editing on this one. With minimal turnaround time and a professional attitude to their work maintained throughout I really can’t say enough good things about these lads and would thoroughly recommend them for anyone looking to get some high level media work done. Check them out! As for the amazing models used on the day (shouts to Ali,Kaf, Graham and Josh) full credit goes to Runaway models (Cat and Nathan) for their excellent selection and also their level of experience brought the project. Keeping this shoot exclusively ‘Cork’ was extremely important to us and all the names listed above did a great job in ensuring that!

Setting out to ‘put Cork on the map’ may seem a tad idealistic to some reading this but here @ PT we are passionate about OUR city, feeling all too often that the attitude of “it ain’t Dublin” or “it ain’t London” throws shade on some of the great work that goes on elsewhere outside of these supposed epicentres of fashion and business. This project is a middle finger to those notions showing just how great Cork can be when we stop looking to the bigger guys for recognition and apply a more DIY mentality to how we do things down here. This city is an ocean of talent and irrefutably a city on the up. We plan to keep showcasing this in any way possible
and symbiotic projects such as this are a great way to start!

So with my ideological ranting and raving out the way, down to what really matters…the clothes ❤️ With Ellesse Heritage having experienced pretty rapid growth in the last few years we felt it was the perfect time for the ladies line to enter Primetime and join its male counterparts. Having placed our forward order 6 months previous it’s safe to say that upon arrival we were all pretty excited to see the ladies gear hit the floor and boy’o’boy it did not disappoint. Whilst paying homage to its foundations in retro sports wear Ellesse as a brand brings a unique contemporary style, effortlessly blurring the line between streetwear and sports apparel. As a staff and customer favourite in the shop we felt it was only right that we do the brand justice hence why attaching it to such a epic project was a no-brainer.

Anywho, if you haven’t seen the video or photos by now you’ve obviously just resurfacing from hibernation so go check them out and show some support for Cork people trying to make a little bit of noise in this big ole world.

Thanks for reading and until next time..
“We love you longtime”,

Your boy, Fin.