So these blog posts are just to keep everyone updated on the happenings in Primetime and this (not so) short one will be all about us gals. We’ve spent the last few years trawling the trade shows for the best of the best for ye lovely ladies and finally, the work is beginning to pay off. We travelled to London, Berlin, Manchester and even went across the pond to get some inspiration and find some unique brands to bring home. It was actually in one of the trade shows in Berlin that we found our newest brand GRMY. It’s streetwear meets sportswear and boy o boy does it look good.
Our summer stock is full of colour and different materials, much needed for our ever changing ‘summer’ weather. The Roxy shoes this season are so easy and versatile that I’ve bought 5 pairs already…. (Not something my bank account needs to hear about).
Primetime introduced the men to Ellesse last year and after a stormer of a season Ellesse introduced us to their new ladies line. We loved it so much we just had to get it. I mean, have you seen the prices?! Ellesse and Lily White definitely have a place in my heart. Lily White is another brand we found at a tradeshow, this time in London. It’s now in its second season and is going from strength to strength. They have your night-out outfit sorted with their jumpsuits and glitzy skirts, all without denting the drinking funds!
I’ve rambled on for way too long but stay tuned for updates. Hopefully I’ll be able to delve further into each brand in another blog but for now…. That’s all folks
Peace and love,
Marlee xo