This week we welcome GRMY onto our hallowed walls. GRMY’s founding came exactly a decade ago when four kids from the Madrid suburbs pooled together what little resources they had to create what is now a well established and upcoming streetwear brand.

Entering the market as a men’s only brand the GRMY team quickly realised that smaller sizes were in high demand due to a very organic uptake in ladies wearing the oversized/boyfriend fit style that is so sought after today. This naturally lead to the creation of a unisex/women’s line. Here’s where we come in…

We first stumbled upon our Spanish friends whilst visiting the ‘SEEK/BRIGHT’ tradeshow in Berlin earlier this year and and among the 100’s of brands in attendance, our ladies buyers took an immediate shine to GRMY’s eye catching and edgy vibe.

So where does GRMY fit in into the bigger Primetime picture you ask? Well with the undeniable resurgence of the festival and rave scene in recent years and Primetime’s historic ties to the Cork based Sir.Henry’s rave era we thought it was nigh time that we took in a brand that represented and fitted with this scene; vibrant, funky and fresh.

Having received endorsement from WU-TANG CLAN legends REDMAN and METHOD MAN we have high hopes for GRMY going forward so pop in and give it a sconce.

Well that’s enough from me so thanks for reading and as always your feedback is welcome.

We love you longtime,