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Jumping back into this blog thing right here to showcase and chat about a killer new shoot we did with our boy Ken AKA @dappersappeur and a local, young rapper by the name of @JayRonic. As the soon as the opportunity to style up a fly young dude like Jay came about there was only one route to take it and  that was pay some homage to some timeless, hip-hop inspired looks that Carhartt has continued to lend itself to for decades.

(Pictured; The unmistakeable Tupac donning a timeless denim Carhartt Michigan Chore Coat)

A common misconception about Carhartt and its fashion-based counterpart: Carhartt Work in Progress is that they are in fact two different branches on the same tree. Carhartt itself is predominately a workwear based brand, founded in 1889 in Detroit, Michingan. However Carhartt Work in Progress, the streetwear staple brand that we have all come to know and love is actually a a liscensed European distributor of Carhartt that was founded much more recently in 1994 by a Swiss gentlemen named Edwin Faeh. This distinction between the two arms is important to bare in mind as it sheds light on how it was Carhartt were able to bed in so firmly as an established streetwear brand globally and not just in the US.

(Pictured; the king of Queen’s Brdige New York, Nas. Rocking the iconic Hamilton brown Carhartt Watch hat)

Through innovative marketing strategy, aligning itself with music and art, Carhartt has managed to go from strength to strength over the years, often organically being pioneered by some of hip-hops most iconic artists.

(Pictured; one of modern day raps ‘biggest’ personalities, Action Bronson who can be found pretty much exclusively wearing Carhartt)

(Pictured; Detroits very own Big Sean flexin’ in the classic Hamilton Brown Chore Coat)

(Pictured; Jay Ronic paying homage to the greats before him)

(Pictured; Jay Ronic with the classic tobacco brown Scipt sweatshirt & a matching Watch Hat to go)

(Pictured; Jay Ronic killing ‘um in that fur lined Phoenix Coat)

(Pictured; Jay Ronic getting ready to dip out wearing that white/black Carhartt Work in Progress tee)


(Pictured; Jay Ronic duckin’ Ops’ in that Blacksmith grey Nimbus Pullover and camo Marshall Joggers)


We’re all delighted with the reception that these have received up on the interwebs, getting reshares from a few Carhartt accounts on IG. More so we’re delighted that we were able to recreate some iconic hip-hop looks with a hungry and talented local dude like Jay and our eternally talented shooter, Ken, capturing the vibe.

Hope you all like the shoots and styling from the team on this one. Definitely want to try get some more creative and emotive storytelling with our lookbook shots so keep an out for more of the same coming soon! Also please everybody’s links below!

Peace and love,