What up what up,

It’s Fin back at it again with this week’s blog and on today’s edition of ‘Primetime sponsors’ we have local rock’n’rollers, The Band Anna.

Over our 25 year history Primetime has had a long standing tradition of supporting and promoting local acts by any means necessary dating back to the days of ‘Radio Friendly’ where many of Cork’s top DJ’s got their first break, putting on sellout gigs across the city and featuring renowned local talent Brian Deady on our ‘southern soul’ mix CD. So when 5 youthful, ambitious local musicians rocked in through our door looking for a helping hand we were only too happy to oblige.

The best relationships in life are generally those that come about organically and that is mostdefinitely the case with these five loveable rogues. Their open minded attitude coupled with exuberant positivity made them an instant hit with our staff. Add in a Primetime’esque guerrilla approach to how they do business and a undeniable look fit for streetwear and it was practically a perfect match. Among talent, good looks and likability one of the lads most commendable attributes is their DIY attitude to how they do business. From poster printing, to promotions, to practise the guys have shown a great amount of get up and go to get to the point they are at now and I have no doubt that with continued perseverance and dedication they can continue to grow and excel!

Having toured both nationally and internationally the lads have a built up a fantastic rapport amongst one another which is clear to see after spending any length of time in their company. It’s this natural chemistry that gives the guys their relatable edge and helps people immediately warm to them. This was exemplified on the traction that their debut music video received getting a startling 500+ shares and over 40,000 views, showing that there really is a relatable nature to what the lads are doing ( https://youtu.be/J98wAeBtCNI )  . With tickets sales tipping along nicely whilst still two weeks out from their EP launching gig it is a very exciting time for The Band Anna and A journey which Primetime are happy to support and be a part of.

In the run up to this much anticipated gig the lads are hastily putting all the final pieces in place whilst still practising and promo’ing on the daily to ensure all runs smoothly on the night. One of those promos will actually be taking place in our very own shop window on Saturday May 20th (2017, just incase any people in the future read this,lol) and is sure to be another fun in-store event with our friends at Jameson kindly providing refreshments on the day. Further details will be on our social medias so for anyone who may be interested so go check that out. Following on from this event will we also be running a competition in which our lucky winners will receive a pair of shoes each to toe-tap the night away in, €100 credit in Cork’s finest new cocktail bar, ‘CASK’ and of course 2 tickets to go see the show live in St.Lukes church on Saturday June 3rd! Another reason to keep an eye on our social medias I guess..

As with anything Primetime lends its name and support to we always look for two main and discerning traits;
1. Are they Cork?
2. Are they our type of people?
And as much as the lads might have a yank and a scouser (sorry Casey & James) hiding in their midst they are still embodying our cities spirit and spreading good music in the streets through ambition and hard work. For this we salute them!
So in closing, go support these local lads, give them a like, buy a ticket, share a video and get behind people in our city trying to chase a dream and make a positive impact!

Live @Primetime: Saturday 20th 2-4’ish
Live @St.Lukes Saturday June 3rd
Tickets on sale now @Primetime and online @ https://uticket.ie/event/thebandanna