Hey guys Marlee here,

Over the past few years you may have noticed we’ve been stepping up our social media game and regaining the recognition around our city that Primetime deserves. As a business that has a history of embedding itself in our community and all things Cork, we thought it high time that we put some effort into the community once again. This is what brought about our sponsorship of Cork City and Irish international footballer, Saoirse Noonan.

Saoirse initially approached us regarding sponsorship almost two years ago and we jumped at the opportunity to help such an emerging young talent. From a young age she has tried to raise the profile of Cork City Ladies Football, showing great maturity and dedication to her team and city. This is what we saw in her and this is what we want to help her achieve. We’re now in our third season with her and hoping that this will be the most successful to date. This was a chance to support the ladies of our city and help give them the attention they deserve. Saoirse is an outstanding footballer, whether she realises just how good she is or not! We have a few plans in the works but our main goal is to put the girls on a level playing field(sports pun) with the boys. They are every bit as talented and dedicated as the men’s outfit and need the support of the proud People’s Republic of Cork!

Over on our Insta and Facebook we’ll be keeping ye updated weekly with the results of her matches and any interesting things the team have coming up. Saoirse travels regularly for matches with both club and country and we would love to be able to give you all a glimpse into these excursions, showing the time, effort and dedication she puts in on a weekly basis!

Cork is home to many amazing ladies such as our Saoirse and going forward we would love to shine a spotlight on some of their incredible work that goes on in sport, fashion, culture, music and more. These unique qualities are what we want to celebrate on Primetime’s media platforms and within the shop itself. As much as selling clothes is our bread and butter, Primetime has always taken great pride in supporting the community and always backing Cork.

So watch this space for updates on one of Cork’s upcoming stars and much much more!

Peace and Love,
Marlee xo