“Fashion is never new, it just repeats itself” – My Mum

What’s good, it’s Fin back at it with another blog post and a renewed sense of enthusiasm to try keep these blogs rolling and consistent. The last month is generally one of our busiest as the season’s transition into one another, we go on sale and we start the process all over again preparing for the arrival of Autumn/Winter ’17 and looking ahead to Spring/Summer ’18. So with excuses for inactivity out the way let’s get down to today’s topic: fashion trends and their cyclical nature.

Having spent 10 years growing up in the cultural melting pot that is London, with two parents who both worked in fashion, what people were wearing was never too far from my thoughts. From early days I was always super interested by what was ‘cool’, whys was it ‘cool’ and who decided all this stuff? Whether emerging from music, pop culture or general icons it always seems as if some new trend is around the corner just as the 99% of us catch up to the one previous. For example let’s start with the unprecedented and irrefutable rise of what could be described as ‘vintage sportswear’. This has truly been one of the biggest shifts in recent years with the storming resurgence of brands such as: Ellesse, Fila, Le Coq Sportif, Kappa, Adidas originals and even its new school competitors in the form of Siksilk, 11 Degrees and Gym Kings. What is it that has contributed to these brands intense rise in popularity?

Hipsters? Possibly. MTV/Geordie shore? Potentially. Grime music? Hmm, maybe all of the above. Whether we agree on what the root cause of this shift in trend has been, one thing that can be left undisputed is that none of this is really new at all. Throw it all the way back to the Golden Age of hip-hop to look at cultural icons like The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and Run DMC who made these looks their own 30 years previous and influenced an entire generation to wear no laces in their Adidas and velour Fila tracksuits. Coincidentally what caught at our eye out of the AW’17? You better believe it baby, the velour tracksuit is back with a vengeance, with Fila being far from the only one to reintroduce this material in recent and coming season’s (Keep an eye on Siksilk & 11 Degrees new ranges).

It is now every bit as cool to whip out a vintage piece from some of the aforementioned brands that your dad used to rock when he was in P.E than it is to go cop some of the new season collection. Luckily for us here at Primetime we rejoice in this. As store with 25 years experience through some the wackiest trends to emerge we’ve seen it all and look forward to digging through our ‘crates’ to see what old gems we can find. Perhaps ye should do the same at home and see what classic pieces might be floating around your parents wardrobe as you never know what 1980’s Umbro windbreaker you might unearth, ready to rock for the next upcoming festival.


Going to wrap it here gang but it’s been a pleasure rambling to ye about the topic of vintage sportswear and cyclical fashion trends. If ye would like to hear more on any topic or make a suggestion for a new post or even just to say ‘what’s up’ please feel free to get in touch via any of our socials or via the website as ye’re feedback is always welcome!

Until the next time,
Peace and love,